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Welcome to Earth Structures (Europe), specialists in Stabilised Rammed Earth and builders of the rammed earth walls of Bushey Cemetery, shortlisted for the RIBA Stirling Prize 2018.

We are a UK-based construction firm specialising in Stabilised Rammed Earth, a sustainable building technique which has significant environmental advantages over common building practices, is attractive, long lasting and cost effective. With the increasing demand for the construction industry to improve the sustainability of building practices, all members of the architecture and construction communities should consider the suitability of Stabilised Rammed Earth for their projects.
STABILISED RAMMED EARTH is a modern development of one of the oldest building materials known to man. Modern technology, modern machinery and 30 years of development have created a masonry wall material that is attractive, environmentally beneficial and meets European building regulations.

Stabilised rammed earth can have the appearance of cut stone, the strength of concrete and the weather resistance of brick; yet environmentally outperform any of these.
Stabilised rammed earth stableblock
Stabilised Rammed Earth stable block, Northants. Built 2001.

Science and Resource Centre at Lauriston Girls School, Melbourne, Australia, completed 2003. Made from recycled masonry building material using stabilised rammed earth technique. Photos: Trevor Mein
Initially developed to compete with brick for low cost housing, Stabilised Rammed Earth is now being used

  • by governmental bodies seeking eco-friendly building methods

  • by architects seeking the latest attractive materials

  • by clients wanting overall energy efficiency
    If any of these qualities interest you, please browse our site to learn how Earth Structures (Europe) Ltd can offer a building method that is in harmony with the environment and preferred by clients.
    Stabilised rammed earth bowls pavilion
    Brimington Bowls Pavilion, Derbys. Built 2003 using stabilised rammed earth.

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