What We Offer
We will build earth walls using our own equipment and labour. We will assist you to find a suitable material, have it tested and approved. We will give you a price for the job and if there are no changes, that will be what you are asked to pay. If you are planning a building with earth walls we suggest you consult us before the design is fixed so we can advise on making them as efficient and cost effective as possible.
Design and Technical Advice
We will advise you on designing buildings for the efficient and practical inclusion of earth walls. Our formwork system will efficiently produce a range of standard wall elements and an understanding of these will maximise the cost effectiveness of the walls. We are happy to provide this advice, initially free of charge, but if it starts to take a lot of our time, then we may ask you to pay for this.
We can provide technical advice relating to earth building based on years of experience, hundreds of completed buildings and supported by academically qualified experts on this and related topics. If you have a specific consultancy requirement we would be pleased to quote for this.
R & D
Earth Structures have done research into new areas of earth building with satisfying results. We have also commissioned research and testing by external bodies where appropriate. We would be pleased to consider participating in new research projects.

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