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Sustainable Building Technology

Why use Stabilised Rammed Earth?

Why should you use Stabilised Rammed Earth when there are so many alternative building materials?
Sustainable building Technology - For the Homeowner
- A most attractive stone like material with natural colour tones
- Owners state that it provides the most comfortable living environment
- High thermal mass giving a stable indoor temperature
- With integral insulation it is energy efficient, reducing heating requirements, CO2 emissions and saving you money
- Outstanding acoustic performance, - let the neighbours learn the drums!
- Low maintenance, will not need painting, rendering, etc.
- Low fire risk, - earth will not burn
- A respected green building material that is energy efficient in production and provides energy efficient buildings that require no further energy expenditure in maintenance
Sustainable Building Technology - For the Architect
- A modern masonry material that gives good design flexibility
- Meets UK Building Regulations.
- Has a natural stone like appearance with attractive layering effect
- Strength can be prescribed according to project requirement (from 3 to 12 Mpa)
- Has excellent fire rating
- Provides high thermal mass , therefore ideal for the construction of energy efficient buildings
- With integral insulation can achieve u values as low as required
Sustainable Building Technology - For the Builder
- A thoroughly developed and tested building material
- Achieves fast wall completion
- Is accurate to normal building standards
- Can create accurate spaces for fitting windows & doors
- Can incorporate reinforcing, beams, fixing points, etc.
- Does not need further surface finishes
- But provides an excellent base for tiling, render, paint, etc.
- Can include conduit for electrical services
- Fully compatible with other normal building elements
Sustainable Building Technology - For the Environmentally Aware
- Environmentally beneficial as it has low embodied energy
- The earth can usually be sourced locally thus reducing the energy and costs normally associated with transporting bricks, etc.
- Does not need any further surface finishes
- Does not require special protection from weather
- Will not need continuing regular painting, rendering or maintenance
- Can be recycled to build more SRE walls
- A sustainable building material that can be used to create buildings that are energy efficient in both construction and maintenance.

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